Friday, July 2, 2010

Some Great Reads!

Anthony Browne is back with his new picture book Me and You, a re-working of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. This book is vintage Browne and schools will love playing with this book as part of a visual literacy focus. A post modern reading of a known tale, Me and You shifts the reader's empathy and we are left to think about class, family and parallel lives. I love this book!

One of the best YA novels this year must be Dark Water by Georgia Blain. Amanda Clark is found dead, floating facedown by the riverbank. This begins a beautifully written book about family, politics and murder in an idyllic Sydney suburb. This book starts and ends brilliantly and is a great page-turner. I loved the way the protagonist's name is introduced to the reader. Highly recommended for teens! Thanks to Linsay Knight from Random House for pointing me in the direction of this book- I wasn't disappointed!

Paul Macdonald

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