Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Book Clubs for Adults.

August is our busiest month of the year because of Book week Events and Book Fairs that we host. But after a long day I happily stayed back for our Third Tuesday Book Club Group meeting- and the discussion was great! We now have three book clubs for adults with almost 50 Book club members and we recently celebrated three years of Book Club meetings. Tonight we discussed Truth by Peter Temple and I was fascinated by the varied responses to the book. We agreed that the book utilises some great language- a clipped, raw poetic style with sharp, masculine dialogue. We all had different memories of what happened in the novel and while we agreed that Truth is a challenging read, the book offered something for all. I don't like to re-read books but I am keen to re-read this one.

I am particularly looking forward to discussing Room by Emma Donoghue- the most intriguing book I've read for a long time!