Wednesday, July 7, 2010

More Visitors to The Children's Bookshop

At The Children's Bookshop, our philosophy has long been that we are more than a bookshop! Our goal is to bring readers together to enjoy the experience of books and that includes opportunities to meet authors and illustrators.

Yesterday, twenty five primary school kids were lucky enough to experience a writing workshop with author Belinda Murrell. Belinda is the author of The Ruby Talisman and many other novels for young readers. She is not only a writer to watch but she is a great teacher of writing skills. The group focused on character, setting and other aspects of narrative and they had fun- and were challenged! Today, a younger group of five to seven year olds enjoyed a Pirates and Princesses workshop with our regular workshop leader Jocelyn Shute. We started in a darkened pirates' cave (we had to improvise because of the blackout many Sydney-siders experienced) and Jocelyn again was a fantastic presenter.

I am looking forward to next week when illustrator Sarah Davis is visiting for a drawing workshop.

Paul Macdonald

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